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We are a land based permaculture project in Portaferry, Northern Ireland. We run courses on all aspects of permaculture and we can consult on your own projects. We also accept helpers who want some practical experience.


I wrote this song during the floods in England during the winter of 13/14 as a response to politicians as usual addressing the wrong end of the stick with their so-called solutions to man-made disasters. Here are the lyrics:

Rain rain rain, rain rain rain
Our flood defences are in vain
Too much water is a pain
Rain rain rain

Climate change upset the weather.
We're all in it together
More rains and storms to come
Causing misery for everyone.
The government promised to dredge the river,
Useless action that makes me shiver.
It's farm subsidies that are to blame,
Putting conventional farmers to shame.

Farmers are encouraged to grow more corn
For biofuels and cinema popcorn.
No regulations are applied,
no matter if it causes a riptide.
In the winter the ground is left bare,
And the aater and soil just run elsewhere,
Silting up the rivers and flooding our homes
As well as the Somerset Levels and the hippodromes.

The answer to our problem is plant more trees,
Grow groundcovers (and at the same time be kind to bees!}.
We've got to build up and protect our soil
To soak up and slow water to prevent turmoil.
On hillsides and slopes build permaculture farms.
They are the only way to reverse the harm.
Let nature take care of all the rest,
Because nature can't be stopped and she knows what's best.